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About Us

I believe in capturing a moment of time for ever, this may be a child at play, a precious newborn, a well planned wedding or anything for that matter which can tell a story. Of course a picture can say a thousand words, a good picture can tell a story.

As a child I always dreamed about photography, my christmas wish from Santa was to get my first SLR camera. Dreams do come true, I did get my first SLR camera (Pentax K1000 a manual Camera), when I was fifteen years old. Even after two decades I still have the same passion for photography. I still have my childhood dream to explore photography, still my christmas wish from Santa is to get another camera or another lens or lighting gear or some camera gear. it is a passion, more than a hobby or a career.

When I capture a moment which has already happenned, it is past, but it still stays with us in the form of a picture, it is satisfying to be a photographer who can create a treasure for life. I have had so much pleasure to work with so many people and many many models, local and international. I have been told, I am very personable and very open to suggestions and ideas, more than all this, I consider every shoot to be my best opportunity to prove myself and learn, so every time, I am competiing against myself to do better and challenge myself. I do see the result of my work and enjoy it in form appreciation from others.